This project seeks to increase U.S. accountability for targeted killings, civilian harm, and drone strikes. We work with civil societies around the world to advance respect for international law in the context of lethal force and U.S. counterterrorism/military operations abroad, and to address pervasive secrecy and impunity. Using a variety of tools, we create greater awareness of the civilian impacts of U.S. wars, and inform public debate about the human and political costs of U.S. operations. We promote compliance with international law, transparency in the use of force, and accountability for legal violations. 

HRI has made significant contributions to national and international debates on U.S. drone strikes, urging the UN and U.S. government toward greater transparency, accountability, and compliance with international law in the use of drones for lethal targeting. We also conduct advocacy to enhance transparency on the use of force by the U.S. military, particularly in relation to civilian casualties, highlighting legal, ethical, and humanitarian concerns with drones, as well as the secrecy surrounding their use. These public efforts are bolstered by ongoing activities in partnership with other NGOs, including public commentary, joint advocacy with policymakers, and briefings.