Columbia Law School’s vibrant human rights community encourages students to work closely with faculty and HRI as research assistants, becoming involved in cutting-edge human rights and international law projects. 

In the past, students have worked with leaders in the field such as Professor Sarah Knuckey on mental health and social justice work, Lecturer-in-Law Alex Moorehead on the use of lethal force and drone strikes, Deputy Director of the Human Rights Clinic Benjamin Hoffman on new business and human rights initiatives, and Project Director JoAnn Kamuf Ward on racial and gender bias issues.Students have also worked with Professor Sarah Cleveland in her capacity as a member of the U.N. Human Rights Committee, including traveling to Geneva with her during Committee sessions to examine country compliance with international human rights law.

All Columbia Law School students, including 1Ls and LLMs are encouraged to apply to research assistantships at the Human Rights Institute, where they will collaborate with one or more of the Institute's Faculty Co-Directors and Project Directors on issues ranging from health, labor, and gender-based rights internationally and in the U.S., to international law, counter-terrorism, and armed conflict, and business and human rights in the global economy.  

Positions could be paid and/or done for credit or pro-bono hours. See specific assistantship announcements for details.